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Bulletin of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Series in Management of Social and Cultural Activity
ISSN: 26167573

“Bulletin of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Series in Management of Social and Cultural Activity” is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal of open access, which covers current problems of theory, history, culture and art of management of socio-cultural activities.
The main purpose of the collection is the competent coverage of topical problems in the field of theory and practice of management of socio-cultural activities. This is a scientific platform for the exchange of ideas and ideas about trends in the development of governance in the socio-cultural sphere.
The collection is addressed to scientists, experts, teachers, post-graduate students, students, managers-practitioners are all those whose scientific, corporate and professional interests include issues of socio-cultural activities management.

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Bulletin of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Series in Tourism
ISSN: 26167603

The collection covers the topical issues of theory and methodology of tourism, scientific foundations of tourism for sustainable development, information and innovation activity in tourism, activity of the subjects in tourism industry at all levels of management, cultural problems of tourism development in modern conditions.

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Economía y Negocios
Journal Name: Economía y Negocios
ISSN: 2602-8050

La Revista Economía y Negocios es una publicación semestral (junio y diciembre) de la Facultad de Ciencias Administrativas de la UTE. La revista presentó su primera publicación en Junio de 2013, como iniciativa de la Facultad para brindar un espacio de difusión de conocimiento a docentes e investigadores de nuestra Universidad y de otras instituciones tanto a nivel local como fuera del país.

El contenido de la revista está dirigido a especialistas, consultores, investigadores, docentes y estudiantes en las áreas de Talento Humano, Negocios Internacionales, Marketing, Contabilidad, Auditoría, Finanzas, Economía, Gestión Empresarial, y otras relacionadas con el contexto social nacional e internacional.

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ISSN: 2667517

(E-ISSN 2667-517X) International Journal of Economics and Management is an open-access, double-blind peer reviewed journal published by Akkaya Science Publishing (Turkey Republic). The journal focuses on the results of original research projects in various fields of Information, Business, Economics, Management. The journal is accepts articles from authors all around the globe. The language of publication only English and Latin letter. Frequency of Article Publishing: Quarterly (January, April, July, October)International Journal of Economics and Management is an international, double blind peer reviewed journal, publishing high-quality, original research. Please note that this journal only publishes manuscripts in English. Journal focuses on the results of original research projects in various fields of humanities and social development. Similarities and plagiarism rates higher than %25 are rejected.

International Journal of Innovation
ISSN: 23189975

For long, we have noticed the interest on a publishing vehicle of the international community of academics and practitioners on innovation, to support intellectual production in this field.

The International Journal of Innovation (IJI Journal) comes out as a result of efforts of researchers linked to distinct nuclei and research/studying groups in Universities around the world. It is an academic publication vehicle on innovation at large. IJI Journal comes out to support scientific research and state-of-the-art knowledge, Regional or national economic development/policies related to innovation, Regional innovation strategies.

The journal adopts a rather multifaceted approach to the many challenges facing innovation than a narrow or single target on related areas. The journal is international in character and welcomes contributions to the knowledge on innovation with international scope in Emerging Economies as well. It is an open, peer-blinded reviewed research-based journal, abiding by the best editorial practices and norms.

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ISSN: 23249315

Journal of Defense Studies and Resource Management (JDSRM) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal which publishes the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. in the interdisciplinary areas of defense studies and resource management. JDSRM is an online Hybrid Model journal which offers authors a choice in publishing their research through subscription as well as open access for high visibility, unlimited access, usage, increased citations.

ISSN: 15618706

Pakistan Business Review (PBR) is the premier journal of Institute of Business Management (IoBM) which is in continuous publication since April 1999. It is Pakistan’s first refereed academic research quarterly focused on areas related to business and industry. PBR is an HEC approved X category journal. It is abstracted and indexed by the American Economic Association’s EconLit, the Journal of Economic Literature, USA, and EBSCO, New York. It is supervised by an international advisory board of academics from national and international organizations such as the London School of Economics, the University of Sussex, the University of San Diego and Indiana University, USA, Bochun University, Germany, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the International Association for Clean Technology, Austria. International advisory board members are also drawn from China, Spain, Columbia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Lithuania, and Nepal. The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, the Applied Economic Research Centre, the University of Karachi and the Agha Khan University faculty are also represented on the board.

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Restaurant and Hotel Consulting. Innovations
ISSN: 26167468

Scientific collection “Restaurant and Hotel Consulting. Innovations” is a scientifically criticized publication of the open access, which publishes articles covering the main areas of development of restaurant and hotel business, namely: strategic and innovative development of hotel and restaurant business establishments; topical issues of culinary studies, enhastronomy, culinary ethnology and service; theoretical and practical aspects of the introduction of functional food technologies; issues of nutrition ecology and provision of hotel and restaurant services; economics, marketing, management, competitiveness, modern information and communication technologies in hotel and restaurant business.
The main purpose of the journal is to promote the development of scientific research in the field of hotel and restaurant business.

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Retos. Revista de Ciencias de la Administración y Economía
ISSN: 13906291

«Retos» is a bilingual scientific publication by the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana de Ecuador, which has been edited on a bi-annual basis since January 2011. The journal focuses on Development and transdisciplinary issues including Public Administration, Social Economics, Marketing, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Management, Administrative and Economic Science, etc.

It is an arbitrated Scientific Journal that uses an external evaluation system known as peer-review, employing double-blind review, following the American Psychological Association (APA) style. By using this system, the authors have access to an objective, impartial and transparent review process, which facilitates their publication being included in databases, repositories, and international indexed references.

«Retos» is indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) form web of Science, LATINDEX catalog, Regional Online Information System for Scientific Journals of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal, is part of the Directory of Journals of Open Access -DOAJ, belongs to the Ibero-American Network of Innovation and Scientific Knowledge, REDIB, Network of Scientific Journals of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal, REDALYC, besides is part of the Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals, MIAR and is being evaluated in medium term to become part of important International Index SCOPUS.

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