journal of legal and economic research
ISSN: 26026287
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The Journal of Legal and Economic Research is an international scientific journal, specialized in the field of legal and economic sciences, which is published every six months (March, September of each year), with the possibility of publishing special numbers without regard to the legal period of issuance. It is interested in publishing articles related to the legal and economic studies of faculty members and doctoral students in the faculty and researchers belonging to the Institute’s scientific research laboratories, as well as professors from national and foreign universities and representatives of economic institutions and research centers in the legal, political and economic fields.

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JOURNAL OF LEGAL AND POLITICAL THOUGHT- مجلة الفكر القانونيوالسياسي
ISSN: 2588-1620
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مجلة الفكر القانوني والسياسي مجلّة أكاديميّة علميّة متخصصة، محكّمة ودوليّة تتبنى النشر المجاني، تصدر بصيغة نصف سنويّة عن كلية الحقوق والعلوم السياسيّة بجامعة عمار ثليجي – الأغواط-، وتمكن الباحثين من الوصول الحر لمحتوياتها عبر مختلف المنصات الإلكترونية ومحركات البحث، تهدف مجلة الفكر القانوني والسياسي إلى المساهمة في تطوير ونشر المعرفة في مجال العلوم القانونية، الإدارية والسياسية وهي موجهة للباحثين المتخصصين من داخل وخارج الوطن، الذين يرغبون في الوصول إلى قرائهم خارج المواقع الثابتة التقليدية من خلال الفضاء الإلكتروني الخاص بها عبر المنصة الجزائرية للمجلات العلمية، بحيث تتيح لهم تقديم بحوثهم باللغة العربية، الفرنسية والإنجليزية. تستهدف المجلة طلاب الدراسات العليا والأساتذة الجامعيين وجميع الباحثين، سواء في الدوائر البحثية أو الأكاديمية أو الإدارات الحكومية أو المؤسسات الاجتماعية والاقتصادية على الصعيدين الوطني والدولي. تنشر أعداد المجلة في نسخة ورقية ونسخة إلكترونية
The Journal of Legal and Political Thought is a specialized academic, scientific and refereed journal that publishes free publishing, issued semi-annually by the College of Law and Political Science at Ammar Thaliji University – Laghouat – and enables researchers to freely access their contents through various electronic platforms and search engines. The Journal of Legal and Political Thought aims to Contribute to developing and disseminating knowledge in the field of legal, administrative and political sciences and is directed to specialized researchers from inside and outside the country, who wish to reach their readers outside the traditional fixed sites through their own cyberspace through the Algerian platform for scientific journals, so that they can submit their research in the Arabic language , French and English.

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Social and Legal Sciences
ISSN: 25446770
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Social and Legal Sciences is a peer­-reviewed scientific on-­line journal, founded in 2017 by group of specialists from Europe, Asia and the USA. The main purpose of the journal is to enhance the exchange of knowledge in the field of social sciences, including law, psychology, education, political science and social research with emphasis on local specifications. Topics of interest to the readers of Social and Legal Sciences include the following as they pertain to the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of imaging information in social sciences to improve resources and practices dedicated for further education and research. Journal provides open access to its content and publishes 2 issues per year. All published articles are accessible in pdf format free of charge.

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Address: Malborska 16B/23, 03-286 Warsaw
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Studia z Prawa Wyznaniowego
ISSN: 2081-8882
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Studia z Prawa Wyznaniowego (The Studies in Law on Religion) is an annual journal published by the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. It aims to publish scholarly articles on the legal aspects of religious freedom as well as relations between the state and churches (especially the Catholic Church) and other religious denominations. The journal gives special attention to Polish law on religion. However, its coverage also encompasses issues related to the laws of other states, the legal regulations of the European Union and the international legal protection of freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Besides research articles, the journal also includes book reviews and reports of conferences dealing with law on religion.

Phone Number: +48 81 445-37-31
Address: Department of Law on Religion,
Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration,
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin,
Al. Racławickie 14/701,
20-950 Lublin,
ZIP Code: 20-950