Political Sciences and International Relations

Journal of Liberty and International Affairs

Journal of Liberty and International Affairs is a triannual (3 issues per year), international, open-access and peer-reviewed journal in the social sciences, published by the Institute for Research and European Studies. It welcomes submissions from political sciences, international relations, international law and related fields. The primary intention is to offer academic and public debate taking into account the following topics: Individual liberty; Libertarianism; Classical / Neoclassical liberalism; Objectivism; Capitalism; Social liberalism; Statism; Anarchism; Minarchism; Democracy; Political anthropology; International relations and diplomacy; Public and private international law; Geopolitics; Nationalism; Multilateralism; Ideology; Politics and religion; Neo-Ottomanism; Neo-Sovietism; Yugosphere; Propaganda; Regional cooperation; European federalism; EU law and politics; European economic governance; EU foreign and security policy; Competitive federalism; Comparative constitutional law; Human rights and freedoms; Gender studies; Emerging powers (BRICS; Russia; China; India etc.); Transatlantic relations and other related topics, that contribute to the understanding of liberty and international affairs from different angles. It is important to emphasize, that this journal devotes special attention to Europe / EU as a crucial factor in the contemporary international affairs.

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